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?The 90/10… The 80/20… The majority of the time rule

As trainers, we get asked this a lot ?
“How come when you eat “bad” things you don’t get out of shape” A sentence I hear a lot. “It must be because you’re young” is often the excuse. But what if I told you there was a bigger picture, and it had nothing to do with my age or what I eat or how much or train; do I have your attention now? ?

As the title probably gives away, all I do is make sure I do the ‘right’ thing the majority of the time. So what is the ‘right’ thing? Well so long as you stick within your caloric allowance, so for myself around 3000kcal per day (this will be different for everyone); and no that’s not an excuse either; and I hit my protein goal each day, it’s going to be very difficult for me to gain fat or weight of any kind for that matter. It’s all about balance and still being able to enjoy yourself. ?

Example, my typical day of ‘maintenance’ level calories is about 3000kcal and to preserve muscle 700-800 should come from good quality protein sources. That means if I hit my targets and maintain my regular training at a moderate level say 2-4 times per week, I won’t encounter any weight gain or muscle loss. If on a regular basis I hit more than my calories allow I’m going to gain weight, simple. If I’m regularly eating 100-200 fewer calories than I require I’m going to experience some form of fat loss, but not too much of a deficit?

The simple fact of the matter is if for the majority of the time I’m keeping to these parameters I won’t lose any ground on my goals, even if with those allowances I account for a few beers and a slice of cake. It just boils down to staying within those preset targets for the majority of my time. It doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy myself it just means I’m working within my numbers. Stay within yours and you’ll experience very much the same.

?Just a little something to leave you with…

Unless you’re planning on stepping on stage in 12 weeks in just your pants or bikini, the ‘right’ foods do not consist simply of chicken rice and broccoli.

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