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?How much Water do you need??

It’s been a very hot week and this week is predicted to be another peach of a week so take note of this ?

One of the most important factors in living a healthy lifestyle is drinking enough water. Most people don’t drink enough and don’t know what is an adequate amount is…

The standard amount that you’re usually told is 8 glasses (2 Litres) but let’s not forget we are all different. Wouldn’t a 50 kg woman and a 100 kg man need a different amount?

Obviously ?

the equation below should help determine the amount of water YOU should be drinking, not just the standard amount.

Your Body Weight in kg / 25kg = 1 Litre of water.

So 100 kg man drinks 4 L and 50 kg woman drinks 2.

Then add 100 mL for every 100 cals you burnt in exercise. Easy, right?

If you don’t know how many calories you burnt exactly then you can estimate your caloric expenditure after your workout.

That will give you how much you should DRINK per day.

If you have good nutrition habits, you should be getting an extra 20% of your daily water requirements from food. That will just be on top of what we already calculated. WIN WIN.

On a very hot day, you should add 0.5 – 1 L of water and even more if you’re exercising in the heat ?☀️

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